Dozens of people make the Blue Ridge Fellows run. At the center of course are the Fellows themselves. Surrounding them and serving them are the directors, host families, internship coordinators, mentors and so many who work behind the scenes to ensure a life changing year for each Fellow.

The most central people in the Blue Ridge Fellows program are of course the Fellows themselves. If you are a recent college graduate walking with Christ and interested in joining a community of men and women to pursue a seamless faith, where Christ is Lord of every aspect of your heart please apply today.


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Alumni: 2018-2019

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Alumni: 2015-2016

Executive Directors: Tim & Kellie Henderson

Tim Henderson directs the Blue Ridge Fellows, assisted by his wife Kellie. Tim and Kellie graduated from James Madison University and were on staff with Cru for over 20 years. While with Cru, Tim and Kellie served the students at West Chester University and then Penn State. More recently, Tim served as Vice President with Christian Union, overseeing the amazing teams who lead CU's university ministries at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.

Tim and Kellie have spent their entire adulthoods preparing men and women in their early 20s to walk with God for a lifetime. They love the hundreds of (former) college students they've led to faith, discipled, taught and learned from. Four children round out the Henderson clan: Benjamin, Silas, Max and Sadie, one each in college, high school, junior high, and elementary school, all of whom add to the Blue Ridge Fellows experience.

  • Tim develops leaders better than anyone I know. I would not be leading in the way and capacity I am today were it not for my time being led and discipled by Tim.”
    — Andy Young, City Director for Cru, Philadelphia PA
  • Outside of my dad, no other man has had a more profound influence on my life than Tim. Nearly everything I know about ministry including leading, teaching, and mentoring young men comes from him.”
    — Mark Hough, Director, West Chester Cru
  • Again and again I’m thankful for the blessing of Tim’s investment in my life! The fruit of our time together has multiplied year after year in my relationships and roles of influence.
    — Richard Grunden, MD, Lancaster General Hospital
  • Tim has a mix of humility and authenticity in leadership that is ridiculously compelling. He’s not simply about imparting information; he is a shaper and former of Christ-followers. I cannot recommend an opportunity to learn from and be loved by this man highly enough!
    — Teal McGarvey, Harvard Ministry Fellow, Christian Union
  • I cannot say enough good things about Tim and Kellie - what a gift it was to learn from their wisdom and transparency! The encouragement, challenge, and support they provided was so significant in my deepening relationship with Jesus.
    — Brianna Link, Full-time Mom
  • Tim’s gospel ministry has impacted so many because Tim allows the gospel to impact him so deeply. Tim is one of the most outstanding leaders that I have known and I am privileged to call him my friend.
    — Jeff Martin, Senior Pastor, Rock Creek Church
  • The season of discipleship I spent with Tim as my mentor was a defining and transformational point for me as I transitioned from life as a college student to the world of spiritual, professional, and family responsibilities. He prepared me to build a truth-based world view, invest in meaningful relationships, and walk courageously with Christ for a lifetime.
    — Chris Foltz, Vice President North American Sales, IBM
  • Tim Henderson is one of the finest leaders I’ve ever known. As someone privileged to have been under Tim’s leadership, I commend his giftedness and his character with equal enthusiasm. Tim is a compelling teacher with a creative mind and a deep understanding and passion for people. Tim powerfully points others to Christ and Christlikeness in both word and example.
    — Scott Jones, Princeton Ministry Fellow, Christian Union

Board of Directors:

Adam Moseley, Chairman
Rachel Higginbotham
Whitney Gibson
Shenna Massey
Kevin Meade
Mac Miller
Ben Motley
Debbie Richmond
Brennan Tull
Bob Williams